Download AutoClicker 2021

Windows - Mac - Ubuntu

A fully working and Malware free auto clicker with two modes for simulating clicks, at your dynamic cursor location or at a prespecified location. The maximum amounts of clicked can also be set (or left as infinite).


We all love to play the various kinds of video games and other games on our PC and at a certain point we have to click for a longer time at certain places that are where the software automates our mouse clicks at certain points which are known as an Auto Clicker.

It is especially useful in case of the games which are related to the RPG video games in which certain action of the clicking has to be repeated. It is very useful in case of games like Minecraft etc.

There are many software is available on the web which can help you to mechanize the process of clicking easily. There are many features available in the software and it is fast and easy.

How it works?

  1. First of all, you need to download and install software to your system.
  2. Once the installation is done, open software and set time interval for each click. You can set clicks interval from milliseconds to an hour.
  3. Once you set the time interval, set the click options by picking the mouse button and set click type by single or double click.
  4. Now, select the cursor location by current location or by picking the location on the screen.
  5. All set, now you can start auto clicker by using the start button or by shortcut key F6.
  6. You can stop the program with F6 key or by stop button.
  7. It is like a program that simulates mouse clicking.
  8. They can be triggered to create input which was recorded previously or generated from different current settings.


  • Select whether to follow your cursor or click on a fixed spot
  • Set the number of times to click (or infinite)
  • Choose between which mouse button to click as
  • Choose among single clicking, double-clicking or triple-clicking
  • You can change the hotkeys
  • Convenient – Hotkeys operate while an application is in background
  • Settings are cached (includes last fixed location)
  • It is Free and Open Source Tool
  •  Very Clean User Interface
  • Low CPU usage
  • No advertisements or malware includes
  • Virus Free (The number of auto clickers with viruses out there are hard to count)


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What’s new


  • You need to enter your setting once, the software will automatically load with the last session saved settings.
  • Added double-clicking and triple-clicking features
  • Right-clicking and middle-clicking added


  • Now you can change hotkeys!
  • About page is updated
  • Few minor options are added
  • Bug Fixxed

How do I turn on auto clicker?

  • Once, you download and install software and done all primary settings.

  • Then you can start application by pressing the start button or by using hotkey (By Default it is F6).

How to change the Hotkey setting?

  1. Open the Auto Clicker tool.
  2. Go to the Hotkey setting button.
  3. Click on the Start / Stop button.
  4. Now, you can choose the hotkey by pressing from your keyboard. (By default it is F6)
  5. The pressed key will be now set as the Hotkey for your tool.

Is free auto clicker safe?

Besides unique & powerful features, Free Auto Clicker is 100% risk-free & virus & adware, without any malware, provides free technical support, ensures full authority over clicking repetition, interval & duration. You even don’t need to register or provide your personal information to download software From

Uses of Auto clicker for Games.

You can easily download the auto click software from the internet. It can be used for free. One of the best parts about this software is that is available quickly on the net and many of them are free and there are no charges that are applied for downloading. Once you have downloaded the software you can use it easy to see if it’s working properly.

In every software, you will find out that the software will first require you to mark the click points and see for the places where you require the clicks to happen. You will have to work the software in the places where you want to click. And once you have marked the points, where you want to click, the software will display the positions to you. And then you can go further with the perfect clicks at perfect spots.

The working of the software of Auto Clicker is very good. It helps you with mechanizing the clicks at one certain place and also in a number of different places where you need the clicks. Now you can use this feature with a combination and also for playing various games and also repeat the process of clicks as many times as possible. Apart from playing games, it can also be used for various kinds of official works and projects that need only the working by clicking on the mouse. So, it can be flexibly used for other works also.

After you have marked the points of clicks, you can start to figure out the rates of clicking and the number of clicks that you require doing at a certain time period. There is also an option of customizing where you can set at what points you want how many clicks. For example, at place XYZ, you want to click once and at another place EFG, you want to click twice. So, you can do this in the setting options

which the software offers. In this way, you can do as many clicks as you want within a specific period of time.So, now that you know about the auto clicker and its functionality. You can also download the software on your PC and play different kinds of games and also you can easily do the office works which requires you to only use the mouse.

It is very flexible and easy to use. Plus, this software comes free of cost, so you don’t have to worry about charges. If there is a work or a project which you have to do; which is abit complex then even for that you get a different type of auto clicker software.